The supervision in coaching for 4hara®

Etymologically, the word «supervise» (from Latin, super -over-, visus -seen-) means to look from above, in the sense of taking distance to observe other possibilities.

It could be said that supervision, in the concept that concerns here, has many points in common with the same professional practice present in the field of psychology, which could be considered its immediate antecedent.

The protagonists who interact during a process of coaching supervision are the supervisor coach and the professional who requests the service, the supervised coach. The figure of the coachee is also implicitly present, at least, as the protagonist of the case that needs to be supervised.

At 4hara® we embrace this practice as a presence of the supervisor coach, facing the supervised person, which guarantees a balance in the distance in which the professional bond is conducted, free of personal connotations and which facilitates creativity to consider different perspectives and working ways. In this way, we legitimize the quality of the key skills that are put into play in a coaching supervision process and the quality of its result.

At 4hara® we treat the supervision process as one in which a human relationship is set in motion, this time from a professional framework and between peers, in which a bond of trust is established that influences the motivation of the supervised to assume challenges and to dare his own limits. The supervisor contributes knowledge and experience, respecting and accepting the style of the supervised coach, promoting the improvement of his skills, the incorporation of new learning and dedicating to the supervised recognizing him as a person who performs a function, that of coach.

We achieve all this in 4hara® through active, open, reciprocal listening, and within a framework of collaborative dialogue devoid of prejudices in which critical thinking participates, raising new questions from another perspective. Thus, contributing to the construction of new possibilities, to the discovery of transformation.

Supervision in Coaching

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