Our reason to be

4hara® borns with the clear purpose of transmitting the importance and need of supervision and training in the exercise of coaching. We firmly believe in the fundamental role that constant learning plays in coaching and how supervision facilitates and promotes it.

Having in mind our aim it is that we provide knowledge and experience to the community of coaching professionals, accompanying them in their supervision, training and coaching processes, and accepting and respecting the genuine own style of each one.

Across our commitment to constantly improve the professional and personal performance of the coaches and apprentices of coaches we accompany, we have conceived our own method that we call CREAR® / Consciousness, Reflection, Emotion, Awareness (learning), Result.

Resources provided by CREAR® allow to observe and reflect on coaching processes from different perspectives, in order that coaches and apprentices can improve their practices and skills.

As a reference team of coaching professionals in constant evolution, we are committed with the knowledge and experience put at the service of the community of coaches and coaching apprentices to provide them with tools that facilitate the acquisition and development of the competence profile with the highest standard of rigor and quality.

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